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Did you know that community service is valued higher than recommendation letters on college applications?

According to a recent study, 22% of students that participate in regular volunteer work receive better test scores than their peers, and are significantly more likely to graduate (both in high school and in college).

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Consistent volunteer work helps with everything from scholarship and college entrance applications, to high school student resumes, to creating healthier and happier people.

Why was Positive Footprint created?

Back in June of 2011 when we launched our first group, we thought it would be great to engage high school students in consistent volunteer work that helped the community. Little did we know the amazing outcomes that would transpire. When our first group came together to raise almost $1,000 for pediatric cancer research in 4 hours on one Saturday, we figured we were on to something. So, we kept to it, and have since led high school students in helping more than 15,000 folks in need throughout Austin.

As word spread about what we were up to, something amazing happened. High school students and parents started asking how they could get involved. So, we’ve decided to expand our efforts, and launch two additional groups in the Fall of 2012.

What would joining Positive Footprint do for my child?

  • Give them a volunteer experience that shows consistency and longevity (colleges love this).

  • Earn them 60-100+ volunteer hours in one year.

  • Provide them with a volunteer resume for college.

  • We’ll sign off on volunteer hour requirements that your son or daughter has for school.

  • The opportunity to help Austinites in need through organizations such as Caritas, Foundation Communities and Mobile Loaves & Fishes.

  • A structured, consistent and fun way to earn volunteer hours.

What are other parents saying about Positive Footprint?

I can’t express the importance of this program. My husband and I have seen our son grow into a more mature, caring individual. Without Positive Footprint, this wouldn’t have happened.

- Donna

As a parent, there are no words to describe witnessing your son grow into a leader and to be a part of something so incredible! I am beyond amazed at this group.

- Audrey

Membership Cost – August 2012 – August 2013

FREE (However, since we have growing costs, we have a suggested donation of $60 per member per year)

All contributions support:

  • Paying for Positive Footprint T-shirts for each member.

  • Purchasing the necessary materials, supplies, snacks and waters for 9 volunteer events throughout the school year.

  • Providing a limited budget to your child’s group for their summer fundraising project.

  • Covering the cost of a summer retreat.

  • Helping our organization cover the cost of becoming a 501c(3)

Want more information or would like to get involved? Be sure to download our program overview. If you are interested, ask your son or daughter to fill out an application ASAP. We’re launching two new groups and our spaces are filling up fast.

What are your thoughts?

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