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What we do

Despite the growth of nonprofits and volunteer opportunities in recent years, it’s still incredibly difficult for high school students to find consistent and engaging volunteer work that colleges want to see.

This is where Positive Footprint comes in. Each month we provide engaging, mentor-facilitated volunteer events for high school students throughout Austin that benefit those in need.

To improve the experience of our members, we segment youth into high school action teams that meet once per month to volunteer alongside a local nonprofit. Afterwards, team members discusses what they’ve learned, and shortly thereafter, blog about their experience.

Why does Positive Footprint matter?

  • High school members get to enjoy helping their community alongside a group of peers, while earning the volunteer hours that colleges want to see.

  • We provide critically needed support to nonprofits fighting against hunger, homelessness, educational disparities and disease.

  • Our programming teaches and reinforces giving among high school youth.

  • We’re invested in creating the next generation of givers.

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