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June 30, 2010 / Positive Footprint

Team Formation & Resource Compilation Underway!

Well, it looks like we are well underway to forming the first service project team for Positive Footprint! So far we have a trio of 14 year olds that are on board with the idea and looking forward to volunteering as a group in the Fall. In the coming weeks I will be meeting with parents, community leaders, and our team of youth, to start discussing and planning the types of projects we will be jumping into this coming year. **As a side note, if you know of any volunteer opportunities occurring in the coming months, please fee free to submit them via the contact portion of this blog!**

As far as supporting financial resources are concerned, I have been on the lookout for grants for both the youth of our group ,and Positive-Footprint itself. To my surprise, I have found several sources to connect with such as: Youth Service America & Powered by Service.

Depending on the type of service project the team chooses to tackle, there might be additional support from the community, especially via fundraising platforms such as Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and Piryx.

Call to action for Viewers

Do you know of any funding options for youth working on service projects in Austin, Texas?

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