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June 17, 2010 / Positive Footprint

Taking the movement to the street

If I have learned anything in the past few years as a young, ambitious, over-zealous adult, it’s that great things don’t happen without growing a support team. Behind powerful movements, great entrepreneurial ventures, and you will almost always inevitably find a cohesive, solid, well-meshed team.

This is why I have begun seeking the advice and feedback of family members and close friends on this project. Expanding the idea of inspiring youth to impact the world to those I know best. All in an attempt to pull together the ideal mix of feedback, brainstorming, connections, resources, and manpower to make this happen.

Chatting with friends the other night brought forward several interesting findings that I would have failed to consider as an individual:

1) I really need an initial collaborative group of individuals that will serve to advise the structure of the organization. Ideally, this group would be composed of individuals from a variety of relevant fields or composed of certain relevant personality traits. Right now I will more than likely be looking for an initial gathering of a: lawyer (for the nonprofit status inception and liability concerns working with youth), community leader, marketer

2) A three year timing sequence starting in 9th grade might be just right for this type of program, ensuring that participating students were free their senior year to focus their effort on what means most then – academics, college applications, filling out scholarships, and rounding off a successful senior year.

3) I need to perform a more comprehensive search of programs working with a similar goal in mind. I was directed to HAL (Hispanic Austin Leadership) and surprised to find a lot of commonalities between their work with adults and the mission I have in mind for youth.

4) Charging some type of commitment fee and introducing a contact with individual students may be necessary to ensure long-standing teams.

My Call to Action for any readers:

Please don’t be shy. Feel free to drop me a line in the contact segment of this blog if you have any feedback, suggestions, resources, etc. to help me push forward this effort.

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